CASE-X Advantage

CASE-X cases provide a means to bring cameras into challenging environments where they were previously excluded due to potential equipment damage. Before CASE-X, photographers and photography enthusiasts only had two options to protect their equipment: soft padded carrying cases, leaving valuable equipment vulnerable, or very bulky square shaped hard cases. The CASE-X products provide the best of all worlds: a minimally sized, light weight, and hard shelled case. CASE-X customers have the assurance their equipment is protected, while participating in and photographing their activities of choice.

Innovative Design

CASE-X cases are made from the aerospace material, carbon fiber, and have all stainless steel hardware. These materials make the case light-weight, extremely durable, rust proof and weather resistant. The camera case’s interior is padded with up to ¾ inch of fleece lined foam, providing shock absorbing protection for the camera. All edges are finished with rubber weather stripping providing weather resistance and additional impact protections. The currently available XPAC is designed to accommodate mid to advanced consumer level DSLR cameras and a single lens from all major manufactures. The PRO-PAC, coming April 2009, is designed for professional model DSLRs with a large zoom lens or two smaller lenses.

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