Frequently Asked Questions About Case-x

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose CASE-X?

The goal of CASE-X products is to provide maximum flexibility in using your existing camera equipment. CASE-X cases are engineered to follow the contours of your DSLR so case size is kept to a minimum. An ultra rugged carbon fiber exoskeleton mated with a soft padded interior provides unmatched protection with design focus on functional versatility. You will get a new level of freedom with the confidence that your equipment is protected while recording your memories, participating in your passions, or supporting your livelihood.

Is there any other case out there like CASE-X?

No. If there were another product with the unique functionality of CASE-X, founder and product designer, Steven Shpiner, would have just bought one. The patent pending design of CASE-X products ensures that you will only get this level of functional protection from products by CASE-X.

Will my camera fit?

CASE-X’s X-PAC is designed for mid to advanced consumer level DSLRs. The case’s interior is engineered to conform flexibly to a variety of camera sizes while not compromising camera safety. CASE-X will soon be releasing PRO-PAC, a case designed for full frame professional DSLRs.

Why carbon fiber?

CASE-X chose carbon fiber for the same reason the aerospace industry uses it. Carbon fiber is exceptionally light weight and extremely strong. The complex curvatures of the case use the tensile strength of the fibers to their maximum benefit. Carbon fiber is the material of choice to fulfill our commitment to produce the best quality product for our customers.

How do I get to my camera in the case?

A key differentiator of CASE-X products is a single point of entry. You can access your camera with one hand, no zippers or Velcro ® to fuss with. CASE-X exclusively uses failsafe stainless steel latches so your case will not open unexpectedly.

Is the case comfortable to wear?

The flat bottom, “near body surface,” is padded for user comfort and has a rugged waterproof vinyl exterior surface.

How can I wear the case?

CASE-X products are designed for maximum carrying flexibility. With a minimum of four attachment points the case can be clipped, tied, strapped or hung by a variety of methods;

When walking through the city, on a day hike, or at sporting events, using a simple shoulder strap works great.

When traveling, a shoulder strap positioned around the neck and across the chest gives easy access and a secure feel.

When shooting from the sideline of the game or when on safari, the case can be worn holster style on a belt, casually out of the way, but right there when you need it.

For more aggressive participatory activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing or four wheeling, the case can still be mounted to you securely, for easy access. To get a quick shot off, the case can be chest worn by using a special mounting strap or by attaching it to the shoulder straps on a backpack with a carabineer. All accessories are available at

For tactical applications such as military and law enforcement documentation, photojournalism or conflict zone reporting, the D-Ring attachment points of CASE-X cases can be easily attached to Molle and Alice strapping systems.

CASE-X cases can be shoulder strapped, chest worn, tied to a boat awning, clipped to a stroller, hung from a golf bag, mounted to a tactical vest or clipped to a hiking pack. Our design enables you to be creative in achieving the maximum functionality of our product, thereby improving accessibility to your camera.

What is the interior made from?

Beneath the tough carbon fiber exoskeleton of CASE-X cases is a soft padded interior to protect your camera equipment. All padding is a minimum of ½ inch thick. In the camera contact areas of the case, padding is ¾ inch thick. The foam is lined with soft and durable vibrant red fleece. This helps provide maximum visibility into your case. Fleece does not flake so you do not have to worry about the material coming apart and exposing your camera to dust.

Can the case get wet?

CASE-X cases are water resistant. They are designed to protect your equipment from rain or splash but are not meant to be submerged under water. Unlike other cases, CASE-X cases will absorb NO water. Typically other cases may be able to withstand some rain but will eventually become waterlogged. The tough carbon fiber exterior of CASE-X instantly sheds water keeping your equipment safe and dry.

How strong are the cases?

Carbon fiber is 3 times stronger than steel and is 1/10th the weight. CASE-X cases are strong enough to stand on, hard enough to take a suitcase or kid’s hockey bag being thrown onto it, tough enough to be right there with you on the side of a mountain or sideline of a game and light weight, so you will not lose even a second from your lap time.

How much does the case weigh?

CASE-X products are all composite and stainless steel components. The X-Pac weighs 25.9 oz. In most cases, your camera with lens and battery will weigh more than the case itself.

Can I use my CASE-X case in hot or cold environments?

Carbon fiber has very low thermal conductivity. Your equipment will slowly come to ambient temperature when you walk out of the ski lodge or put it in your trunk on a hot day. This protects your equipment against the thermal shock of extreme heat or cold.

Can I bring my CASE-X on an airplane?

Absolutely! Carbon fiber is x-ray transparent. Airport security can clearly see that you are carrying a harmless camera. All hardware, latches and attachment points are externally mounted so there is no question of what you are carrying.

Where can I get a case?

CASE-X products are currently exclusively distributed directly through CASE-X LLC welcomes commercial inquiries.

How long does it take to get a case?

CASE-X products are handmade so delivery time is subject to inventory availability. If in stock, cases will be shipped immediately; if out of stock, delivery can be expected in 4 to 6 weeks. At the time your order is placed you will be informed of delivery timeframe.

Where are CASE-X products produced?

All CASE-X products are proudly manufactured and assembled here in the United States of America. MADE IN THE USA

Can it be other then black, can cases be customized?

Carbon fiber is black, it is carbon after all. On standard models the stainless steel hardware components are acid etched black. As Henry Ford said, “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.” If you have specific interest in esthetic or functionality customization please contact us.

Are CASE-X products Returnable?

We understand that it can be difficult buying a product that is not on a shelf where you can try it out, touch and feel it. These are custom made products. If you decide that it is just not for you, return it in unused, new condition for a full product refund within 30 days. (Shipping costs on returned items are not refunded.) How is payment processed? Payment is reliably processed through PayPal.

How are CASE-X products shipped?

Shipping is done through UPS. The speed is up to you, simply select from the shipping options on the purchase form.